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Infant / Toddler and Primary Staff



Nicole BossyMrs. Meadows has been an active member of Montessori Visions Academy since 1999 and is Montessori Primary certified. She has been competitive in gymnastics and enjoys sharing her skills in both Montessori and gymnastics. She has enjoyed working with children for many years and is happy to have her son, Bentley, attend MVA with her. 





Lydia RoesMrs. Hall  joined Montessori Visions Academy in 2012 and is a certified Montessori Primary teacher. She comes from Arizona with a B.A. is Psychology and a Minor in Music from the University of Arizona. She has worked with children since 1998, specializing in dance and gymnastics. She has worked with families of students with special needs and has spent time in Korea where she became fluent in the language. She is excited to raise her son Peyton in the Montessori philosophy.



Mrs. MendozaMrs. Mendoza has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and has taken units towards a Master's degree in Education in the area of Child Study. Prior to coming to the United States, she was a school teacher for thirteen years in a private Catholic school in the Philippines. Since 2001, she has worked in the   infant/toddler ager group where she holds a CDA Certificate. She loves reading stories to the children, encouraging them to engage with the characters, and learn values from the story. She loves books and collects children's books and professional readings. She is excited to be teaching using the Montessori philosophy and really appreciates how the environment helps young children develop independence and confidence.  



Ms. Ariel Roes

Ms. Roes lived in Arizona for most of her life and attended Northland Pioneer College where she majored in music and theatre. She discovered the Montessori philosophy from her older sisters and decided to move to Las Vegas to join Montessori Visions Academy and become and a Montessori certified teacher. She loves to read suspenseful books and swim. She can be found randomly singing and quoting movies.  





Ms. Richardson

Ms. Richardson graduated from UNLV in 2010 with a degree in Kinesiology. She has been working with children for over 10 years and is thankful to be a part of the nurturing Montessori community here at MVA. She loves the dynamic and hands on environment so much that she enrolled her daughter at the school and is impressed with her daughter's growth and success. She was so inspired by the Montessori environment that she decided to become a Montessori certified teacher.  






Mrs. Russell

Mrs. Russell is a Las Vegas native, living and growing up in Nevada. She has been interested in the Montessori lifestyle and community since she learned about it and is thrilled to educate her son in Montessori. She is excited to learn with the children and express her love and appreciation of the Montessori philosophy. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Art from UNLV and has a business in Photography working specifically with children, families and newborns. She is so excited to be a part of the family here at Montessori Visions, along with learning and teaching the children; and she is excited for them to teach her as well.



Ms. Lowe

Ms. Lowe joined us with knowledge and love for Montessori and its methods. She was born in Las Vegas and moved to Utah when she was four. In Utah, she was given the exciting opportunity to work at a Montessori school for two years. Since she was little, she knew that she wanted to be a teacher and work with children. She feels she can positively influence the children and make a brighter difference in the community. She has a double major in Early Childhood Education and Mathematics.



Mrs. Veltri

Mrs. Veltri Born and raised in France, in Lille, Rosalie has a Master’s degree in Education and has extensive experience as a teacher in kindergarten and elementary school in France. She just moved in Las Vegas with her American husband and joined MVA where she teaches our immersion program and our after school programs. She loves ballet and piano.




Mrs. de Greef

Mrs. deGreef is a recent graduate of the Montessori Training of Southern Nevada program. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities like rock climbing and hiking in Red Rock Canyon with her husband, son and miniature schnauzer, as well as, artistic projects and trips to Home Depot. She received a Bachelor's degree in Italian from the University of Pittsburgh in 2002 and worked as an Arabic translator for the military until 2010, shortly after the birth of her son. Following this rewarding, past year of volunteering as the Primary PE instructor and watching her son grow in his independence at Montessori Visions Academy, she decided to transition into a full-time Montessori instructor role. In the words of Maria Montessori, "A child is both a hope and a promise for mankind." She looks forward to working with and getting to know each child as they  discover and refine their personal abilities and love of learning.



Mrs. Chang

Mrs. Chang graduated from Rutgers University where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in English. Her two boys began attending MVA after the family moved to Nevada in 2014. She volunteered as the gardening specialist for a year and decided to become a certified Montessori Primary teacher. Emily is excited for another year of learning in the garden.







Mrs. Jaramillo

Mrs. Jaramillo
















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